Useful links... This page details a few companies or businesses that I find to be really useful in my life as a dog walker and owner.

Biothane Bert Leads and Collars

Elliot Connor

07535 321871

I am lucky enough to be sponsored by Biothane Bert.

Biothane is the perfect material for dog collars and leads. Its waterproof, stink proof, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, strong, supple and will not stretch.

All of Faida's collars and leads are made by Elliot. I love the built in ID plate, the huge range of colours and the fact that all the leads and collars stay waterproof and don't smell when wet!

Scallywags Pet Shop and Grooming Parlour

816 Wickham Road




0208 777 3440

The pet shop has a friendly atmosphere with an obvious passion for animals. All the staff are more than happy to assist in any way they can, and have gathered a real understanding for the needs of all kinds of animals.


Scallywags has a fantastic grooming parlour, with very experienced and knowledgeable groomers. They cater for all breeds of dog both big and small.

Davids Doggie Dinners         

Unit 6 Phase 2                                         

Grace Road


Isle of Sheppey

ME12 1DB

07974 473073

I am a keen raw feeder and was so pleased to find David's Doggie Dinners. They stock a huge range of frozen products, along with natural treats and chews, and have a monthly delivery service to the Croydon area.

They have excellent customer service and are very reasonably priced.

K.I.S Agility and Dog Training

Lisa Jordan

07803 503726

Agility/dog training available daytimes, evenings and weekends, max 6-8 in a group or 1-1
Venues: Indoor school (Keston) or Grass paddock (Knockholt)

I have been training my dogs with Lisa for years now, and with her help, Faida has reached Grade 3 at KC agility level.

* 01689 843692 * 07834 320757 * * *