Additional Services


It's not just about the dog's........


I can provide care for cats, small animals, birds, fish and even the household plants! Before I carry out any services, I will meet with you and your pet in your home. This free first time meeting is designed for all of us to get to know one another, and for me to understand you and your pets needs and preferences.

Please see the headings below, for the services I can offer.


Home Visits


You may not require a full hour's dog walk, but simply someone to pop in for a quick garden break, a potter round the block, or even just to put clean food and water down.


This service is suitable for when you are out for a shorter period of time, or have a new puppy who cannot be left for long periods of time. Alternatively if you are away for a weekend and have cats and small pets at home.

I can change litter trays, clean hutches and runs, provide clean water and food, give medication and hang around for cuddles too! Again I can take the post in and water the plants when I visit!

Nail Clipping

I can trim nails of dogs, and small animals, for a small charge. This could save a torn nail and a trip to the vet!

Pet Taxi Service

I can provide a Pet Taxi service for your pet, whether they are going to the kennels or cattery, or if they have a vets or grooming appointment. I will stay with your pet, and bring them safely home again afterwards. This service must be by prior arrangement.

After every visit or walk, I will send a text with an update on how your pet is, just to put your mind at ease!

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